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How to apply for GSfBS membership if your supervisor is from the Medical Faculty

Please note: As soon as you join a lab as a potential PhD student, please send an e-mail to Christoph Aszyk (e-mail: christoph.aszyk(at) stating your intend to apply for GSfBS membership. Please also include your CV and your certficates.

The “Forschungsdekanat” (Dean’s office for Research) is in charge of the coordination of the admission procedure of the doctoral candidates from the Faculty of Medicine applying for the GSfBS of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.
Please note that you are welcome to apply for the IPMM, a specialized program within the GSfBS. This program is designed for highly qualified research-oriented medical and life science graduates. The IPMM covers both basic biomedical research and complementary skills. Individual curriculum and mentoring by senior scientists are adapted to particular educational background and specific research interest of the doctoral student. Please visit the IPMM webpage for further information 

A) Documents to hand in by the Doctoral Student 
For application, please submit the following documents as one pdf or word document. Please note that jpeg documents are not accepted. 

1.   Application Form                                                         
Please fill in and send with other documents

2.   Letter of Interest 
Personal statement, describing why you are interested in participating in the GSfBS Program including your future scientific career goals

3.  Curriculum Vitae and Secondary School Certificate

  • Personal data
  • Individual achievements (e.g. prizes, publications)
  • Two academic references (names and contact data sufficient)
  • Secondary school certificate

4.    University Degree Certificates and Academic Record

  • Medical degree certificate, records of experimental research experience, if applicable an abstract and a complete copy of the medical dissertation
  • Diploma certificate, academic record and abstract of diploma thesis (1 - 2 page)
  • Master of Science certificate, academic record, abstract of master thesis (1 - 2 page) and complete copy of master thesis

5.    Doctoral Project Proposal

  • Focused doctoral thesis proposal in the field of Molecular Medicine including short introduction to the state of the field (background), specific aim(s) of the project, working hypothesis, description of the experimental strategy, working plan, alternative plans for unforeseen obstacles (maximum 3 pages)

B) Documents to hand in by the Supervisor of the Doctoral Student 

1.   Letter of Recommendation for the Doctoral Student 

2.   The following Documents only need to be submitted, if the Supervisor is not yet in charge of any IPMM / GSfBS Doctoral Student

  • CV and publication list
  • Overview of up to date research group composition: (Post Docs, doctoral students, technical assistants)
  • Overview of former doctoral students (name, title of research project, academic degree, research period)
  • Overview of third party funding

Please send your application as one pdf- or word-document to Christoph Aszyk (Program Coordinator) via e-mail to christoph.aszyk(at)

Candidates applying for the GSfBS or IPMM will be invited for an oral presentation and interview conducted by the IPMM/GSfBS Selection Committee. Positively evaluated candidates are admitted into the programmes throughout the year.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Christoph Aszyk (phone: 0221 – 478 98435).

Counselling sessions are possible every Tuesday from 10:00 – 12:00 on request.


Christoph Aszyk - Program Coordinator
Phone:+ (49) - 221 - 478 98435
Fax:    + (49) - 221 - 478 3560

Postal address  
Forschungsdekanat (MEK-Forum, building 42)
Medizinische Fakultät 
Universität zu Köln 
Joseph-Stelzmann-Strasse 20 
50931 Köln