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Cologne Summer School and practical course on Neural circuit analysis 2015 organized by the RTG1960


Past summer school:

Cologne Summer School and practical course on Neural circuit analysis 2014







The understanding of nervous system activity in its physiological and pathophysiological conditions is a fundamental goal of the neurosciences. In Cologne neuroscientists examine nervous system function in health and disease across the molecular, cellular and network level. Here we announce a summer school with lectures and hands on experiments in neural circuit analysis.

The summer school will take place on June 22 - 29, 2014 in the biological department and medical faculty of the University of Cologne. We will accommodate 18 participants, who are expected to be later phase M.Sc. students.

Principal Investigators involved:

Ansgar Büschges (chair)
Sigrun Korsching (vice chair)
Jens Brüning
Alexander Drzezga
Gereon Fink
Silvia Gruhn
Matthias Hammerschmidt
Peter Kloppenburg
Elena Rugarli
Henrike Scholz
Carmen Wellmann
Brunhilde Wirth

Schedule of the programme

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June 23rd Motor control

Station 1: Interleg coordination in Drosophila, Büschges

Station 2: Cellular mechanisms of coordination, Wellmann

Station 3: TMS of the human motor cortex, Gruhn/Fink

June 24th Sensory processing/ Addiction

Station 4: Finding a new chemosensory receptor, Korsching

Station 5: Alcohol induced behaviour in Drosophila, Scholz

Station 6: Sensory feedback, Büschges

June 25th Control of Energy Homeostasis

Station 7:  Brüning

Station 8: Neuroendocrine control of energy homeostasis in zebrafish, Hammerschmidt

Station 9: Control of energy homeostasis, Kloppenburg

June 27th Disease

Station 10: Tau-Pet imaging in mice, Drzezga

Station 11: Mitochondrial transport in neurons, Rugarli

Station 12: Motor neuron diseases, Wirth







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