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Important information:

Only students fulfilling the requirements of the GSfBS core programme are eligible for the courses limited to GSfBS students.


Course offers July-December 2014

Trainer: Prof. Dr. Peter Schreier

"Presenting Professionally"
Trainer: Andrea Roos (

"Scientific Writing"
Trainer: Dr. Ruth Willmott (

"Designing and presenting a scientific poster"
Trainer: Dr. Ruth Willmott (

"Getting Funded"
Trainer: Dr. Ruth Willmott (

"Career Mentoring and Management workshop"
Trainer: Dr. Ruth Willmott (

"Skills for project managers"
Trainer: Sabine Lerch (,

Trainer: Prof. Dr. Röbbe Wünschiers (

"Data Visualisation"
Trainer: Dr. Rick Scavetta (

"Advanced English conversation"
Trainer: Renee Dickson

"German for International students and postdocs, level 1 and 2"
Trainer: Petra Schulz


"Tandem for students and group leaders"
Trainers: Dr. Ruth Willmott (, Dr. CJ Fitzsimons (
two days preparatory course for students in Cologne
three days in a place outside Cologne
two days follow up for group leaders in Cologne






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