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Important information:

Only students fulfilling the requirements of the GSfBS core programme are eligible for the courses limited to GSfBS students.

For requests concerning courses please contact isabell.witt(at)


in this PDF you can find preliminary course information, we may offer more courses than listed now:
Preliminary course offers 2015

Trainer: Prof. Dr. Peter Schreier

"Presenting Professionally"
Trainer: Andrea Roos (

"Scientific Writing"
Trainer: Dr. Ruth Willmott (

"Designing and presenting a scientific poster"
Trainer: Dr. Ruth Willmott (

"Getting Funded"
Trainer: Dr. Ruth Willmott (

"Career Mentoring and Management workshop"
Trainer: Dr. Ruth Willmott (

"Skills for project managers"
Trainer: Sabine Lerch (,

Trainer: Prof. Dr. Röbbe Wünschiers (

"Data Visualisation"
Trainer: Dr. Rick Scavetta (

"German for International students and postdocs, level 1 and 2"
Trainer: Petra Schulz


"Tandem for students and group leaders"
Trainers: Dr. Ruth Willmott (, Dr. CJ Fitzsimons (
two days preparatory course for students in Cologne
three days in a place outside Cologne
two days follow up for group leaders in Cologne






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